Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Predict A Hit

Have you ever encountered something and immediately recognized it was destined to be a 'big deal?' Maybe you picked up something like Harry Potter or Twilight when they first came out (before the teaming, obnoxious hordes of fandom)...or perhaps you acknowledged the genius of leggings before they became an official fad (the first time around). That's how I felt after reading 'A Hint Of Frost' -- like I'd just made a privileged discovery and now had only to wait for the rest of the world to catch on...

I know I've never posted any of my book reviews here, but since my last post was centered around a few loose pointers on the how-tos of book reviewing, I figure I owe you an example. In doing so, I'm going to kill two metaphorical birds with one equally metaphorical stone. You see, it also gives me the opportunity to introduce you to the best book find I've made since I began reviewing for RT.

A Hint Of Frost - by Hailey Edwards

(Paranormal/Fantasy Romance)

4 1/2 Stars!

Review: 'The author spins an action-packed story of intrigue and betrayal, with an endearing romance at its heart. I adore a good marriage of convenience tale that turns into much more – and this one is exceptional. The dialogue is strong, the storyline compelling, and the prose artful. I nearly devoured this book in a single sitting, I was so hesitant to put it down once I'd been caught in its web.

Though a bit more physical description would have helped me initially to immerse myself and distinguish between characters, the detraction was minimal. The fantasy world setting is vaguely familiar in a brutal, medieval sort of way, but still satisfyingly foreign. I found the idea of humans with spider-like characteristics to be both original and fascinating. And the concept, along with the culture, was handled with elegance.

Lourdes is competent and relatable heroine, in spite of circumstances, counterbalanced by a keen hero I was happy to root for. I was also pleased to see the author juggle a number of children/adolescent side-characters, and volatile sibling relationships, with a deft authenticity. If this book heralds a series, I will happily be keeping an eye out for the next one.'

If you're even remotely interested, bear in mind that the release date is this coming Tuesday, April 17th, 2012. And on that day, I'll be hosting a special interview with author Hailey Edwards. She's been so kind as to offer up a FREE EBOOK for one lucky commenter! So be sure to check back.

See you Tuesday, peeps! :)